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 "The most powerful, eye opening experience I have ever encountered."  
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Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues

Palladium Private Programs

The Palladium Private is a holistic health program for serious conditions.

About Palladium Private

Accommodated at Palladium Private, a very beautiful, tranquil, hinterland location.

Client Testimonials

Listen to our Clients talking openly about their Palladium Private experience.


Are you or a loved one:

Allowing negative behaviour to control your life or damage your relationships?

Is a past or recent traumatic experience causing you suffering?

Are you using alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication to make life tolerable?

Are you ready to make a commitment to change?

Are you ready to improve the quality of your life?

If yes, please continue reading to find out why we understand how you’re feeling and how we can help.

Our Approach

After 15 years of operating and over 5,000 guests who have undertaken one of our programs, we have seen why a person thinks and acts a certain way. We know what is required to give them back their life and with a commitment from the guest, we can do this. Today, we are dedicated to helping you improve your mental health and quality of life.

Accepting that you or a loved one need help with
a mental health condition is the first and sometimes the hardest step on the road to recovery. It may be difficult to see right now, but long term change for good is possible with the right program and commitment.

Our results are achieved by using a range of evidence based therapies selected to target
a particular condition. Our residential programs combine psychological, physical, educational and social strategies along with a focus on nutritional elements to help you combat and eradicate the root cause of your condition.