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Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues
Beat The Blues

Palladium Private Programs

The Palladium Private is a holistic health program for serious conditions.

About Palladium Private

Accommodated at Palladium Private, a very beautiful, tranquil, hinterland location.

Client Testimonials

Listen to our Clients talking openly about their Palladium Private experience.


Are you or a loved one:

Self-medicating to make life tolerable?

Is the addictive behavior controlling your life or damaging your relationships?

Is there a traumatic experience at the root of your suffering?

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and sick of this life?

Finally, are you ready to make a commitment to change?

It may be difficult to see right now, but long term change for good is possible with the right program and commitment. After 12 years of work and over 5,000 clients who have undertaken a program with us, we have seen the patterns of behavior, the similarities in symptoms and what it takes to change the mental condition.  At Palladium Private we have developed a program that seeks to identify the underlying root cause of a condition.

Guests who attend the Palladium Private program do so to address long term or severe stress related mental, emotional and physical concerns such as depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug dependency, PTSD and eating issues. Our guests come to make permanent lifestyle changes, not only for their benefit but also for the benefit of effected family and loved ones.

To get long lasting change, our program commences with a full immersion residential stay at our private retreat. The program consists of anywhere between two to five weeks of private one on one therapies tailored to meet your particular needs, as well as some group work when you are ready to allow for social integration in preparation for returning home. Our qualified therapists will educate you on the root cause of all stress and teach you practical real life solutions on how to deal with daily challenges and triggers. Our dedicated retreat staff, psychologists, personal trainers and massage therapists will nurture and support you throughout your recovery.

During your stay you will learn about the significance of the mind-body connection and how nutrition and physical activity plays a part towards your recovery and in your new life.  By using a comprehensive range of evidence based therapies selected to target your particular condition, the Palladium Private program combines psychological, physical and educational strategies along with a focus on nutritional elements to help you combat the negative mindset you have conditioned yourself with.

Our Retreat was established in 2002 and is located right next to the glorious Glasshouse Mountains, on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. We remove the pressures of life, allowing you to relax, detox and unravel in our tranquil surroundings. These programs have been developed for people who need privacy, discretion and confidentiality without judgement as well as real and lasting change. To give you every chance of success, we will continue to work with you after you have left the retreat as you start your new life.

Change can only happen when you are ready. Our consultants are waiting to help you find these solutions and long term help for your condition. Your call is completely confidential and obligation-free. Making the first step can be difficult, but the payoff is powerful. Please call a member of the Palladium Program now, or alternatively, complete a web form and we will contact you.


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