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I think I need to book a Program, what shall I do first? 

Once you have had a good look around our website and you feel this is something that you would like to know more about, telephone one of our Admissions Consultants. They will speak to you confidentially about which program would be right for you. Alternatively you can complete our enquiry form online and one of our consultants will contact you.

What will happen next?

Once you have discussed your needs with a experienced Admissions Consultant and you have committed to a program we will start the admission process.  You will be emailed; admission forms, payment options, terms and conditions and a site policy. A few days prior to your program start date we will schedule a pre-admission telephone call to answer any final questions, confirm travel arrangements and admission times and calm any last minute nerves.

On arrival, our aim will be to settle you in gently and to address any initial anxiety or stress. We provide a comprehensive Retreat orientation and you will be introduced to our friendly team. You will receive your first one on one psychologist assessment within 24 hours of arrival.

The purpose of the Program is to create the best environment for change to take place on a large scale with no distractions and to build upon your progress daily and to learn as much as you can.

How long should I stay?

Many health issues can be addressed in a 14 to 28 day program, however, duration is not the only consideration. We customise each program depending on a Clients condition i.e. intensity of therapies and increase on-site support. Generally, if you have been dealing with your health issue for over a decade or more you might consider a longer program to give yourself enough time to effect lasting permanent change before you re-enter your life and start to apply the techniques you will learn in the program.

Conditions such as chronic alcohol abuse, long-term heavy drug addiction, extreme anxiety, bulimia or anorexia may need a longer program. Discuss your personal needs with one of our admission consultants as they have a comprehensive understanding of our customised holistic solutions.

What are your staff qualifications?

The service you receive is based on the quality and experience of our team which is made up of over 25 qualified and experienced individuals.  Our Program Director and Pyschotherapy Team hold current psychology qualifications as required by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), which are available at any time for your inspection. The Retreat team is made up of Psychologists, Counsellors, Yogi’s, Mindfulness Teachers, Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers and Hosts.  They are dedicated to connect with you empathetically which allows you to absorb all the new information needed to create your new path to a quality life.  Our Team have experience in dealing with people from all walks of life who arrive with a wide range of mental health conditions. Yet it is our team’s ability to focus on each person and their personal needs which we have discovered yields the best results.

How does it work?

There are three main components that we work on every day

  • Evidence base psychotherapy
  • Life skills/personal development
  • Exercise/nutrition/relaxation/detoxification

The combination of these components on a residential program is incredibly effective. Treating your body and mind at the same time is what holistic health is all about. You will have the chance to concentrate on your whole health for an extending period of time surrounded by supportive experienced people that are focused on your success using natural methods.

Our comprehensive biopsychosocial treatment programs will treat the whole mind and body with a multi disciplined approach.

We also access a wide range of natural therapies and experienced practitioners and consultants to meet this aim.


Palladium Private Programs

The Palladium Private is a holistic health program for serious conditions.

About Palladium Private

Accommodated at Palladium Private, a very beautiful, tranquil, hinterland location.

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